Fright Town will be open every Wednesday through Sunday in October, and on Halloween!

(see our event schedule for special happenings)

Box Office hours are:
Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Halloween 7pm-10pm
Friday and Saturday 7pm-11pm

FrightTown will remain open until all ticketed guests have gone through all three haunts.

Here's a tip: On the weekends before Halloween, our lines get pretty darn long. For the shortest lines, shortest waits, easiest parking and most elbow room, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays by 9pm are your best bet. The show is just as scary, but the lines sure aren't!

You can also purchase tickets for FrightTown's busiest nights in advance, online at HERE.

(But if you want to avoid those service fees, no need to worry. You can still buy your tickets at the box office, sans fees, just like always. Who loves you, baby?)



FrightTown’s grand opening for its 12th consecutive season, featuring the all new Grimthorne Manor! Doors open at 7pm!


RETURN OF THE 2-for-1 NIGHT! It’s back! Who needs a dumb ol’ Schmoopon when you can buy two tickets for the price of one tonight? Come save some bank, beat the crowds and scream your fool head off!

WEDNESDAY, 10/12 & Thursday, 10/13

2-for-1 NIGHT!…wait whuh? Another one? You betcha! Come with a friend and enjoy the fear and fun for half the cost!

MONDAY, 10/31

HALLOWEEN! We’ll be killing it until 10pm so come celebrate this awesome holiday at FrightTown!

Check back later for more special events!