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You can always buy tickets at the FrightTown box office
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One regular admission to FrightTown at the Rose Quarter is $23 for all ages, for THREE haunted houses - a whole city block of screams and shock! That'’s the best Halloween value in the whole Northwest! You can also head over to our COUPON PAGE find out how to get $5 off regular admission for you and your buddy. Or your lover. Or your mom. Or your evil, conjoined twin. We don't judge.

But it gets even better. For your chance to win free tickets to FrightTown, CLICK THIS and send us an email with your name and contact info. (Please note that winners are chosen completely at random. Your emails about how you have to eat alley cats because you lost your job because of your ebola only make us sad and do not increase your chance of winning.)

But wait - the better gets even betterer! If you want to go through the three attractions at FrightTown again on the night you come visit us, you can buy a RETURN PASS for a scant $5! WHAT??? Is such a thing possible??? You betcha! Go through FrightTown once at regular price and you can go through a second time on the same night for only five bucks!

And for those of you that can't wait to get your scare on, SPEED DEMON passes are also available for $45 each. Your SPEED DEMON pass lets you cut right to the front of the line, bypassing long waits on busy weekend nights. Wanna impress your date? This is how to do it, sporto.

Whatever you do, HOLD ON TIGHT TO YOUR TICKETS AT ALL TIMES! You need them to get into the attractions at FrightTown and lost or discarded tickets will not be replaced or refunded.

Group rates are available for parties of 10 or more. Just call the Rose Quarter Ticket Office at 503.963.4400. Advance sales only; some restrictions. Call for more info.

For all other information, please check our FAQs.