Be A Monster

Be a Monster

Are you artistic? Theatrical? Or just plain bored out of your skull from your soul-sucking day job? Join us at FrightTown! If you're looking for a fun and different way to celebrate the Halloween season, being a monster at FrightTown is a great way to go. Just fill out the volunteer form below to join the 1031 Community Theater. The 1031 is a non-profit theater arts group that brings our community together to celebrate Halloween by creating FrightTown along with local artists and actors. We provide everything: costumes, makeup, training, as well as meals, swag, prizes and cast parties. Start your new career scaring various bodily fluids out of thousands of total strangers while you help raise thousands of dollars for local non-profits like Central City Concern, PHAME, Rafael House and of course, the 1031 Community Theater itself. Where else do you get to be an evil monster and a good person at the same time? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!